made of wood. inspired by children.


made of wood. inspired by children.

Learning towers and other toys

PETINKA introduces our functional children furniture based on the Montessori principles. All our learning towers, ready to activity walls and toys are designed for the development of your little ones and as a help for the parents. We are constructing them out of wood, honestly, with love and in Slovakia. All our products have been tested and meet European safety standards according to EN 71.


A smart buddy for your little one.
With the Petinka learning tower you will prepare the best conditions for children to acquire new abilities and knowledge on their own and with their own pace. Petinka will be your helper anywhere. Mostly in the kitchen.

Petinka is adjustable to the child’s age, height and abilities. From the version with four safety walls for the smallest ones to the standard learning tower with the ladder on the side, which enables the child to freely climb up and down the tower.

Quality Time with your child
Petinka shows the kitchen unit to the child from a different perspective. And there is lot to observe! The child discovers new things and tastes, develops fine motor skills, builds its independence and is actively involved into the process of cooking.

Two in One
The back wall of the learning tower is removable. We equipped it with the ready to activity wall which can function as a solitary playing platform and which you can always adjust to the need of your child. The wild ones will use it when you would like to take break.


No day is the same.
Ready to Activity is a uniquely designed wooden wall on which you can, with the clamping system made of magnets and wooden plugs, create the “Activity Board”. You can either adjust or modify the wall according to the child’s age and interests. With the help of multiple wooden walls, you can panel parts of the playroom and create then one big playing area for your child’s imagination.


Toys So that the children learn how things work.
While the child is growing up it plays with toys always in new ways and the Ready to Activity wall is growing up together with it.

The smallest ones will have lots of fun with Educative geometric shape puzzle game, mini cabinet, switches and house with three different lockers. Thanks this they will develop fine motor skills and learn how to distinguish between colors and shapes.

Bigger children will embark into creating of elementary/simple mechanisms. They construct ball course, or they connect wooden wheels so that one will rotate all others. The creative thinking of the child is developing, and their imagination is driven to the maximum.